News Digest on Nicaragua and Bishop Rolando Alvarez

News Digest on Nicaragua and Bishop Rolando Alvarez

"What has happened in Nicaragua is a miracle, but a miracle that is going to get bigger"

It began with the release of political prisoners on February 9, who were sent to the United States capital. Aboard the plane were 222 political prisoners, a list that included businessmen, journalists, presidential candidates, and all the priest from the diocese of Matagalpa, except one, the Bishop of Matagalpa Rolando José Alvarez Lagos.

Bishop Rolando refused to get on the so-called "Plane of Exile" where 222 people were traveling. These 222 political prisoners are now expelled from their country, leaving them stateless, and without citizenship of Nicaragua. The USA will be fostering for two years by the way of a humanitarian parole visa. 

It has been reported, by the freed political prisoners, that the Bishop, refused to get on the express plane and said, "Let them go, I'll pay their sentence." Now, the Bishop has been transferred to a cell of maximum security in the Tipitapa Prison known as “Modelo”, where he shares a cell with common prisoners. The sentence is 26 years and 4 months.

This Sunday Pope Francis mentioned in the Angelus:

"The news from Nicaragua has saddened me a great deal, and I cannot but remember with concern Bishop Rolando Álvarez of Matagalpa, whom I care about greatly, sentenced to 26 years imprisonment, and also those who have been deported to the United States. I pray for them and for all those who are suffering in that dear nation, and I ask for your prayers. Let us also ask the Lord, through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, to open the hearts of political leaders and all citizens to the sincere search for peace, which is born of truth, justice, freedom, and love, and which is achieved through the patient pursuit of dialogue. Let us pray together to Our Lady"

We are also praying for the release of the Bishop, and the release of Nicaragua from the dictatorial chains, which throughout many years have plagued the history of that small country. Please donate or buy some of our coffee to support the voice of the Bishop who is screaming in the silence of a Nicaraguan jail. We pray that our small coffee company can bring the right people to the table, to answer the prayer of the Pope

In the following report, Felix Maradiaga and Juan Sebastian Chamorro share their experience in prison and spend time talking about the situation of Bishop Alvarez:

Bishop Rolando Alvarez together with Fr. John during the construction of the cross in Mountain of Peace Shrine in 2014

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